Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Live Link Cafe

You know so much of what we do online only benefits us if people see it.  A great deal of my time online is spent promoting stuff I have done or am doing online.  My biggest "promote" are my Gather writings, a lot of these writings I put a lot of work into.  Yet I get rewarded not by quality but the number of views I can generate.  I refuse to become a "tabloid" style writer so I have to work hard for my views.  A lot of "gathering" has become self promotion - share on facebook, share on twitter, put it on your blog, that some of the greatness that is Gather has been lost.  We have hopes it'll come back but in the mean time - here is a little shameless self promotion idea.

A Gather member posted on a site (Redgage) about Live Link Cafe.  Live Link Cafe is a very cool website which generates views to your content.  You won't get 100's of views because you post there but it is free promotion.  How it works is you post the link to whatever it is you want to promote - your business, blog, referral link ect and people click on it to earn credits for the ads they want to share.  There is no money involved, if you want more links just click other links.  The cool thing is I have really found some good websites thru it, and earned probably 10 views per Gather article I put up.  The more catchy the title more likely someone will click it.  There are even "extras" you can use your credits for to make your link stand out more.  However, I am satisfied with just the standard ad.

I think in this new Gather self promotion era it could be really useful to us.  I welcome everyone to check it out and sign up for free.  Also will I state I've been a member over two weeks I think, not one piece of spam!  I also encourage followers - I have a few more promotion ideas coming up at later dates.  :0)

May we all live through this snow in the South East!
Sabrinia AKA Ghostly Ghoul on Gather


  1. I've never heard of the site before but it sounds pretty interesting. Maybe I should check it out as I wouldn't mind some extra page views at Gather or my other site I write at, Associated Content.

  2. Thanks, I'll have to check it out. Like you I also did not sign up for tabloid writings:)

  3. Awesome thanks for the info! I had never hear of the site before ... just saw your info on gather! =)

  4. I signed up over there, but its confusing. Any tips?