Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pampers Code Drawing

For all those fans of Pampers Points I have two codes (One pack of diapers one pack of wipes) I am giving away!  I used to do the points program myself but found the store brand at my wholesale club.  Hey better for you right?

How it works - there are a total of four entries you can earn per person.
  1. Comment on this post.  Easy as pie!
  2. Follow my blog!  Easy!
  3. Go over to Gather and comment on this article.
  4. Go over to Gather and recommend that same article.
How the winner is picked - for each entry you complete you'll be given a number, on Saturday February 13th at 11 PM Eastern Time - I will pick a number.  The member with that number will be emailed, they must reply to that email by Monday February 15th, 11 PM to receive their codes.

Please remember to leave your email - or if you are a Gather member and want me to PM you threw there, just leave your Gather name.  I will only use this info to email the winner - NO SPAM, I promise on my Hersey's Chocolate Bar, so you know I mean it!

Depending on how this goes I have an Avon Item or two I might be willing to give away  *wink wink*

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