Friday, February 19, 2010

Who needs to relax, anyone, everyone? ;0) + You could win a free book!

This campaign's special is one that will help you melt into relaxation!  And seriously who after this long hard winter doesn't need a night of pampering?

That is why I have put the Avon Spa Finder Towel and Hot Rocks set on sale for $4!  Can you believe that?!?  You could easily spend $50 on a Salon Hot Rock treatment!  PLUS you also get my tip for making them work over the summer too!

To use these it is extremely simple!  I recommend putting on a kettle for some hot tea or coco, add in an extra two cups of water.  While that is heating up get a nice glass or ceramic bowl, i've found these keep the water warmer longer, one big enough for the towels and rocks to fit into.  When the water is ready pour into the bowl, pour your glass of tea or coco too, carefully place the rocks and towels into the bowl.  Find a relaxation place, this could be anywhere that is a comfy place for you, turn on some soft music.  (Wrap a towel around the bowl if you need to move it, I recommend you set up in your relaxation place.)  Let the rocks sit in the water, the longer they are in the water the warmer they will be.  I wouldn't recommended leaving them in longer than 3 minutes.  Carefully - maybe use tongs - remove the rocks from the water, dry off the excess water.  Place on the back of your neck, shoulders and/or back, where ever you are feeling stressed.  I like to put the towel over my face - I put one towel in the water and keep one to dry the rocks with.  Lay there for 20 minutes and let the work just melt away.  I get so relaxed I have to drink my coco with a straw because I am not lifting my head!  :0)  If you would rather lay face up you can place the rocks on your bed (I recommend a towel under the rocks) and lay on top of the rocks, this will allow you to read while you relax.

If that sounds heavenly to you - then run over to the store!  I only have a limited supply of - 4 left!  They aren't in the catalog at the moment so I don't know when I'll be able to restock!

Let's have a relaxation giveaway shall we?

One of my favorite ways to relax is with a good book!  I can take my twenty minute with my rocks and spend the next three hours with a good book - sadly I don't get to do that!  But I'll take 15 minutes when I can get it!  :0)  So for you my fantastic blog readers I am giving away a novel!

But wait - there is more!  If we get 100 entries I will give away BOTH books, that means we'll have two winners!

Still not excited?  If we get to 150 entries - I will also give away a random Avon product!

Winner one will get first pick, winner two and then winner three if there is one will get the last prize.

The prizes -

First we have The Cadaver's Ball by Charles Atkins - The love of a woman put these two friends at odds, after she dies with Peter at the wheel, Ed vows to ruin Peter. 342 Pages of Thrills!

Fallen by Celeste Bradley - She took Julian for her own and now there are crys of disgrace and demands for marriage.  She never wanted to trap Julian into marriage, heck she never wanted marriage at all, but there was something about him that drove her wild!  314 Pages of Romance.

And of course with 150 entries a random avon product.  Surely it's in my store  ;0)


First Mandatory entry - You must visit my store and tell me what the summer tip was for the rocks.  Make sure you leave me some way to contact you - examples my user name is Ghostly Ghoul on Gather, I am never rock alone on twitter, this is my name on facebook, here is my email address ect.  If I can't find a way to contact you I will pick another winner.

Bonus entries

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  • Blog about this giveaway & post the link below - This can be anywhere - redgage, gather, facebook, myspace, your own blog.  You can do more than once.  Leave 3 comments for each blog you do - first one must have link!
  • Make a purchase from my store & leave a comment that you did.  Leave 5 comments - the first comment should have the first name you used for the order.
  • Tweet the following & post link to the tweet.  You can do this once a day until contest end!  Must post link to tweet each day.  (To find the link - post tweet like normal, then click on the "time ago" under tweet.  It will bring up tweet in full size, copy and paste address that is in the web bar.  Paste it in comment field here.)  If you can write a better tweet go for it - but use the Tiny Url to link back to this page.
 Win a Book or maybe an Avon Product from @NeverRockAlone here

  • Promote this contest any other (NON SPAM) way and tell me about it in the comment field below - remember to leave link or username.
Please note that I check each entry, they only count if you did what you said you did.  Make sure your first comment has in it what I asked for and the preferred way to contact you.

Details - 

Contest will run from now till March 4th, 11.59 PM Eastern Standard Time.  The entries will be verified, an entry list made where everyone is assigned a number for each entry.  This will go by time stamp - if an entry is invalid it will be skipped and the next one will be entered.  After entries are confirmed I will use a random number generator to pick a number from the total number of entries received.  (Example if there are 45 entries the generator will pick a number between 1 and 45.)  Proof will be posted with pictures either here or on with a link shared here on the blog.  If you win you have 48 hours to tell me what prize you want and where to ship it.  If I cannot find a way to contact you or you don't reply within 48 hours I will pick another winner.  In the event of 100 + entries, I will have the software generate two numbers, the first number it picks will get first pick.  The 2nd number will get the book left over.  If there are 150 + entries I will have the software generate three numbers.  First number gets first pick, 2nd gets to pick and third gets final prize.  I will announce winners here on the blog and Gather.  I will contact winner number one first, when I get a reply with the choice, I will email number two and so on.

We are not responsible if items are lost or damaged in the mail.


  1. Over the summer, store these in the refridgerator. On a hot day come in and place one of the stones on the back of your neck for instant cooling.

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